1. Top entrepreneur of province(2008)
2. Qualified exporter of province(2009)
3. Qualified production unit of province(2009)
4. Received certification of green industry(2009)
5. Received certification and statue of consumer rights(2010)
6. Received certification of national safety(2010)
7. Received certification of quality management(2010)
8. Winner of golden star award for quality from Spain
9. Province qualified unit for quality control(2010)
10. Introduced as a collaborator lab in 2010,2011,2012,2013 and 2014
11. Qualified production unit of province(2011)
12. Qualified production unit pf province(2012)
13. Record of production above 116% of nominal capacity
14. Received ISO14001-ISO9001-OHSAS18001